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Guido Jakobi

Independant Sound Recordist
  Editor & Mixer

Looking for a studio with affordable rates to get a radio-worthy recording of yourself, your band or ensemble? You want high quality audio professionally tracked and mixed?

We let you concentrate on your performance, while we take care of engineering the sound for your very own Audio-CD, Demo Tracks or Website.


Recording & Mixing

soundguy studio offers recording services, audio post production editing and mixing services for musicians. Feel free to contact me about mixing your self-recorded projects and tracks.

I take great care in every step of the recording and mixing process from choosing locations, the best suited microphones as well as recording- and studio equipment, aiming to achieve the highest sound quality.

Location Sound Recording

Music Recording

Audio Documentary

Audio Post Production Studio

Radio Feature


soundguy participated in the Live Recording Workshop at the Drums 'n Percussion Event  Paderborn - Europe's biggest Drums and Percussion Festival

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